think outside the box .. hmmm

Posted: June 7, 2011 in my thoughts ..

Hmmm … Not an easy feat to ‘think outside the box,’ nor is it reflection of  intelligence. Some will tend to explore solutions in the UNKNOWN, which requires creativity, mental toughness, agility and boldness. Often the individual is a leader in the true sense, but we do not have to be leaders to think outside the box.

Exploring an UNKNOWN means ‘to investigate the untraveled path leaving the comfort zone of your psyche. It is thinking beyond parameters of individual consciousness and experience – to see beyond the norm, to be a visionary.

It means going beyond frustration, anger, stress and fear. Can you be creative, moving the consciousness ‘out of the box’ to move out of your physical form? Life is a journey and exploring the unknown is an adventure.

So how? It follows to go beyond conventional wisdom despite the fact that we have been thought to think in routine ways from early days of school: trapped in a matrix or a box.

A liberal, open mind, unconventional wisdom, the zeal to be different and a nonconformist approach to uncover & discover things . . .  that in my lexicography is thinking outside the box. One should think beyond the barriers of political, economic, social and egocentric barriers to ‘think outside the box’.


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